Solid Unbleached Sulfate

SUS stands for Solid Unbleached Sulfate. Some manufacturers call it Coated Natural Kraft® – CNK® (Westrock) or Coated Unbleached Kraft -CUK (Graphic Packaging).


The 100% virgin fiber is unbleached but the board comes with a thick coating on one side for an outstanding color rendering.

Its natural resistance to moisture make it an ideal candidate for refrigerated and frozen applications.

SUS can also come with a wet-strength grade which make it the ideal substrate for beverage carrier cartons.

Available calipers range from 14 pts to 30 pts (290 gsm to 560 gsm).

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SUS - Solid unbleached Sulfate - Fibres vierges non blanchie

Six pack of brown beer bottles in SUS (Solid Unbleached Sulfate)