Identify the right paperboard for you folding carton project




Before starting identifying the paperboard, one shall identify the features absolutely required by the project. We shall asses the needs from three perspectives : packaging design, product and supply chain. If the design requires impactful colors and visual effects, the brightness and the whiteness of the outer side of the board are essential. If the designs requires printing on both sides, one shall focus on C2S board (coated 2 sides).


In case of liquid and food packaging, a barrier to moisture could be required, or a barrier to grease. Will the food be in direct contact with the folding carton? Will the packaging (and the product) be facing important variations in temperature and / or humidity levels?

Narrowing the choices at this stage will help paperboard and packaging buyers focus on the structural design with the appropriate options.


CartonHub can help you make the right choice for your folding carton packaging. We are not tied to any mill or distributor. Hence, we provide our clients objective analysis solely focusing on their needs .

CartonHub helps folding carton printers and converters sourcing the board they need at the best possible prices.

Identify the right paperboard supplier for your printing business

Choosing a supplier can also be a long term strategic choice. CartonHub can help you define your priorities to find the perfectly balanced set of suppliers for long term regular supply for large repeat jobs and short term price oriented sources for one shot deals.


Cartonhub will also help you set up your sourcing routes and keep all sourcing options open. Overseas sourcing may be intimidating but can be a source of very important savings and innovative products.

Cartonhub helps you build a sustainable board sourcing strategy.

Identify alternative solutions to increase profitability

We all know that prices tend to increase. We also know that our customers tend to keep their raw material costs as low as possible to preserve their margins.


With an extensive knowledge of the industry, CartonHub experts can assist you in finding cost-effective alternatives to the boards used by your clients to help them generate some significant savings.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.