Solid Bleached Sulfate

SBS stands for Solid Bleached Sulfate. Its high stiffness and strong tear resistance make it a high end substrate for the packaging industry. Therefore, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets in North America have made it a standard. SBS board is available only in north America.

Manufacturing Process

SBS paperboard is a single ply board. It is made exclusively of bleached chemical pulp, made of virgin fiber. The chemical pulping process preserves the fiber length and strength. Hence the board benefits from these physical properties. SBS board is mainly produced in the United States.

SBS board printing and converting capabilities

It is a medium density board that holds generally a coating on the top side (C1S – Coated 1 side). It is also possible to have it coated on both sides (C2S) for special packaging applications (packaging with a see through window for instance).

This board comes in various levels of brightness (from 85% for the Masterprint from Georgia Pacific to 92% for Crescendo by Westrock). Therefore, when choosing an SBS board, one need to cardfullly consider brightness. Color consistency accros runs cannot be achieved with different brighnesses! SBS printing capabilities are outstanding and meet the highest standards in the folding carton industry with both conventional and UV inks.

SBS board is perfectly suitable for cutting and creasing. This  allows high speed processing. Furthermore, embossing and hot foil stamping are possible finishing options for for spectacular finishing options.

Available thicknesses range from 9pts to 28 pts (180 to 480 gsm). Hence, this wide range covers most of the non-corrugated packaging needs.

All SBS producing mills mentioned below are certified to the SFI® , PEFC , and FSC® Chain of Custody Standards. They also meet numerous requirement for direct food contact packaging (USA, Canada, EU, …)

SBS Board - Pharmaceutical industry

An example of SBS Board used in the pharmaceutical industry

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The main manufacturers (by alphabetical order) are :

  • Clearwater Paper

  • Georgia Pacific

  • International Paper

  • Westrock

Main brands (by alphabetical order) are :

  • Candesce

  • Crescendo

  • Everest

  • Masterprint

  • Printkote