Micro-flute (F- and N-Flute)

Micro-flute is a very thin corrugated board. It is made of a fluted corrugated sheet (the wavy part) and one or two linerboards (inner and outer sheets). The composition of linerboard can be adapted to the needs. It could be for instance Coated SBS on Kraft, Kraft on Kraft, Coated SBS on Black or 100% recycled fiber… Combinations are endless.


Flute board types are defined by the thickness and the number of flutes (waves) per linear foot. Each type is usually named after a letter.


Micro-flute (F- and N-Flute) are becoming very popular for primary packaging


Being part of the corrugated board family, F- and N- types micro-flutes offer an exceptional protection to the product. The resistance to burst and crush is such that it allows manufacturer to skip the outer packaging and hence make considerable savings. Savings occurs at two levels: outer packaging is no more needed and goods can be palletized directly; pallets can hold more products and hence storage and transportation fees are reduced. For brands focusing on carbon footprint and sustainability, it is an option worth being considered.


F-flute being half as thick as E-flute, it can be directly printed on some offset sheet fed presses (ask you packaging converter about its capabilities). Compared to other corrugated boards (a liner is printed and then laminated on the corrugated board), direct printing on Micro-flute is very cost efficient.


The versatility of its composition bring together the protective features of a corrugated board with the very fine printing, creasing and folding capabilities of premium boards such as SBS boards. This combination of features is very appealing for products requiring particular care and outstanding presentation (Cosmetics, fine food, medical devices)
And the composition of the micro-flute can include specialty paperboards with features such as water resistance board, grease proof …


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