Folding Box Board

FBB stands for Folding Box Board. It is a multi-ply board. Its high stiffness and low density make it a good candidate for reasonably priced high end folding carton. FBB is very popular in Europe, Asia and South America


FBB Manufacturing Process

There are FBB producing mills all over the world. Some of the most renown are based in Sweden, but some very good quality boards are produced in South America, Southern Europe, China, …
As a multi-ply board, FBB is made of one or more layer of Mechanical pulp (Thermo Mechanical Pulp or Chemi – Thermo Mechanical Pulp – CTMP) placed between two layers of Bleached Chemical Pulp. It is all made out of virgin fibres.
It can be coated on one side (C1S) or both sides (C2S).
The outer layers give the FBB board its high stiffness.


FBB Printing and converting capabilities

FBB boards vary considerably in brightness (from 80 to 95% – in other words from yellowish white to bright blue white). It is then very important to monitor this feature to allow consistent colors in different runs.
Folding Box Board printing capabilities vary from outstanding to acceptable. This is reflected in pricing. But very high quality FBB board is available all over the world. The main mills are Scandinavian and Chinese. They have positioned stock close to most large markets though a global network of distributors.
Creasing and cutting capabilities are also very good and allows high speed operations with Die cutters and Gluers
In Europe, FBB board is the standard for high end packaging such as Pharmaceuticals, Food and Cosmetics.
Thickness varies from 10 pts to 28 pts (180 to 480 gsm)

The main FBB manufacturers (by alphabetical order) are :

Stora Enso


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