Coated Recycled Board

CRB stands for Coated Recycled Board. It is also often called CCNB (Clay Coated News Back). It is a very commonly used paperboard for high volume folding carton packaging (pasta boxes for instance).
It is a very popular mainly for its affordable price and comes in calipers between 7 pts and 38 pts (170 to 740 gsm).


Due to its recycled nature, the shade on the backside may vary but the top side will be consistent thanks to a thick clay based coating that allows excellent printing results, including special finishing effects such as Raised UV inks.
CartonHub product database gathers CRB boards with brightness ranging from 78% to 86% (ISO standard), suitable for all type of printing.


Traditionally, CRB board is used for dry foods packaging but wet strength grades have been developed as well as freezer grades. Both specialty grades are encountering a very favorable acceptance from the market with their upmarket properties combined with the reasonable price of a recycled board.